Twin Crossing

By Jerry Leake

Twin Crossing Twin Crossing (prequel to Second Chance) begins as a love story between Chance and Cassandra - two professionals who meet on the Internet in 1995 - and develops into a suspense thriller about Chance's tortured relationship with his identical twin brother, Seth. In the year 2021, the story unfolds through the eyes of thirty-four-year old author, Brad Genova (our narrator) who wrote Twin Crossing based on actual childhood experiences.

Spiral: 216 pages
Edition: GBC Bound
ISBN: 0-927855-15-1
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    Chance walked through the prison compound, gazing upward toward the beaming afternoon sun. The light blinding, he inhaled deeply, savoring the sweet smelling air that would soon disappear. Every time he made this visit, he grew to appreciate those things he had previously taken for granted: a stroll in the park, an afternoon of reading the paper, the challenge and demands of a thriving business, the ability to act on one's ambition and imagination.
    When he entered the prison building, all his senses focused on the bland and lifeless. Artificial light from rows of fluorescent bulbs and the sound of metal automatic doors opening and closing filled his senses. As if stepping into a nightmare, he followed the guard to the visitors' waiting area.
    Although he had made this trip many times before, he was starting to hate the routine and the high level of security.
    Chance sat in a chair next to a woman with two children, noticing how tired she looked. He wondered how long they been waiting for admittance. (I'll be here all day), he thought, flipping through a magazine. Two hours later, he heard his name announced through the intercom. He stood and approached the security guard behind bulletproof glass.
    "I'm Chance Macklin. I have a package to give to my brother."
    The guard glanced at Chance's attire, insuring the visitor adhered to the strict dress code of no blue jeans or layered clothes. He flipped through some pages, asking for the purpose of the visit.
    "Visiting Seth Macklin."
    He looked at the package Chance held and stood to examine his clothing more closely. Chance opened the top three buttons.
    The guard said, "You'll have to remove the t-shirt. I'll buzz you in and give you a locker key. Remove all accessories from your person - watches, rings, wallet, and your belt and socks. Any questions?"
    Chance shook his head, having memorized the drill. The guard pressed a loud, blaring buzzer and the steel door opened, separating visitors from the prison grounds. He followed another guard to a changing room.
    "Number 18," he said, handing over a locker key. "We need to search the package." He took the box Chance held.
    (I feel like a damn prisoner myself in here). Chance opened his locker, removed his personal items and took off his flannel shirt. He removed his t-shirt, placed it in the locker and put his flannel back on. Inspecting his appearance in a mirror, he slid the leather belt out of his pants and hung it up. He exited the area and waited patiently by the main door. Moments later, a guard appeared with Chance's opened package in hand.
    "We'll make sure Seth gets this later."
    Chance followed the guard to the visitor booths and approached a high security metal detector. As with all previous visits, he passed through it and another guard outside the booth performed a quick search.
    "Turn your pockets inside out." He unlocked the visitor booth door and pointed. "Booth two."
    Chance entered and sat down in the wooden chair. He stared at the Norman Rockwell print in the prisoner's half of the room, thinking of Seth's earlier biting sarcasm and feeling irony or sympathy with it. Moments later, Seth appeared and sat. Accustomed to the interminable pauses, Chance waited until he reached for his phone. When Seth picked it up, he did the same.