By Jerry Leake

Gahu Solo drum set arrangement of bell, support drum, and master drum phrases. In the 1950s, Ewe fisherman on expedition in Badagry, Western Nigeria, discovered Gahu in its original, much slower, Nigerian form (called Kokosawa) and brought it back with them to their native Ghanaian soil. Nigerian Kokosawa was adopted by the Anlo-Ewes who live along the coastal region of Ghana. Gahu actually means "money dance." It makes the people in the village feel happy; they offer money as praise and appreciation to the performers. The Anlo-Ewes perform Gahu at twice the speed as Kokosawa. This drumset arrangement is for the faster tempo.
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  • Traditional Social Music of the Ewe People of Ghana (includes CD)
  • Detailed introduction, application, use of drum language
  • Form annotations included

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