By Jerry Leake

Mobeus Featuring free-improvised ("flow without measure") drum and percussion duets with the legendary jazz drummer.

Produced by Jerry Leake and Rakalam Bob Moses
Audio CD (2011)
Number of Discs 1
© 2011 Rhombus Publishing, Boston, MA
Recorded by David J. Sullivan at Native Pulse Studio, July, 2008
Mixed and mastered by Randy Roos at Squam Sound
Cover artwork by Rakalam Bob Moses
Photographs by David J. Sullivan
Cover and package design by Jerry Leake
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I entered Rakalam Bob Moses' studio with only a vague sense of the unique world that I would step into. Few drummers possess the diverse background, vocabulary, and history of Rakalam. As faculty colleagues at the New England Conservatory we have worked together on numerous projects and performances. At NEC jazz drumming and deep-pocket groove are essential elements to our playing and teaching style. However, while unloading my array of world percussion into the legendary drummers' home, I knew that my traditional African and Indian training would be reconceived and reborn.

Prior to each "take" there were no discussions about what we should strive for, no boundaries that would confine total freedom. We maintained open and unselfish minds, flowing in the moment and committing to whatever we played. Musical tension and resolution were refueling energy, stamina and focus. Three days of inspiration resulted in thirteen hours of "sonic sculptures" and during epic takes neither of us dared stop the profound channeling taking place.

What resulted is unique environmental soul music for all cultures and beings. Sounds and rhythms weave inside native folkloric music, hinting at familiar categories before dividing into different forms of energy and spirit. It is at once powerful and strong, and yet it creates a non-threatening, relaxed listening space. The absence of preconceived structure ensures that the music will always sound fresh, and provide renewed anticipation and surprise along the way.
Jerry Leake

Jerry Leake - balafon, clay drum, tabla, frame drums, naqqara, totoji, kagan, bongos, gongkogui, atoke, riq, cowbells, cajon, sogo, kidi, bendir, tibetan bells, gongs, shakers

Rakalam Bob Moses - drum set, cymbals, djembe, roto tom frames, cluster drums, timbales, tombek, shakers, kalimba, clay flute, vocals, gongs, bells, thunder drum

Track Listings

1 Offering (3:33)
2 Good Pot (2:54)
3 Limba Tabloo (5:15)
4 Exaltation (8:08)
5 Glow (1:04)
6 Wicked (6:14)
7 Running Bones (5:11)
8 Ritual (3:39)
9 Illmagical
10 Radiance (4:19)
11 Assassins (8:22)
12 Etheric Ascent (1:29)
13 Ouch! (7:01)
14 Star Light (1:08)
15 Dancing Thunder (3:01)

Total time: 69:53