Vibrance: Jazz Vibes & World Percussion

By Jerry Leake

Vibrance: Jazz Vibes & World Percussion New arrangements of jazz classics by Wayne Shorter, Bill Evans, Duke Ellington, Rodgers & Hart, Antonio Carlos Jobim, Carla Bley, etc.

Produced by Jerry Leake & Randy Roos
Audio CD (August 2008)
Number of Discs 1
Recorded and mastered at Squam Sound by Randy Roos
© 2008 Jerry Leake & Rhombus Publishing
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vibraphone, bass marimba, glockenspiel, gender wayang (Balinese gamelan), drum set, cajon, Chinese cymbals, Tibetan bells, Japanese bowl gongs, flat gongs, glass wind chimes and bell trees, ice bell, temple blocks, shakers, devil chasers, rain stick, Moroccan bendir and karakab, Egyptian riq, Brazilian pandero, Indian tabla, elephant bells, damaru, clave, atsimevu (African master drum), gonkogue, atoke, totodzi, kagan, axatse, (African bells, drums, shakers), lunga (African talking drum), udu (clay drum), voice

Featuring Guest Artists

Lisa Leake, vocals
Jonathan Dimond, electric bass


Two underlying themes comprise this CD. The first explores jazz/latin compositions with world percussion flavors, the second includes more standard arrangements of jazz ballads and waltzes.

Jazz is the music of timeless eras. A reflection of American culture through world-changing events of slavery and freedom, economic depression, and two world wars. Musicians, who speak the language with their own voice, tell a familiar story with personal surprises and twists along the way, revealing every emotion and experience of humankind. Aficionados never tire of creative interpretations of their favorite tunes, knowing that there is an abundance of untouched canvas to be painted by yet another artist.

Track Listings

THEME 1: Jazz/Latin & World Percussion

1 Children's Song (1:53)
vibes, glockenspiel, glass chimes, triangle, temple blocks, chinese cymbals, ice bell, sleigh bells, bell tree
2 Beautiful Love (3:19)
vibes, bass, cymbals, gongs, bells, shakers, jingles, frame drum, bayan
3 Olhos de Gato (2:42)
vibes, tabla, percussion
4 JuJu (3:06)
vibes, atsimevu, gonkogui, totodzi, shakers, karakab, devil chasers, kagan, damaru, gongs, voice
5 Spring is Here (4:35)
vibes, bass marimba, glockenspiel, percussion
6 You Stepped Out of a Dream (1:45)
vibes, bass, pandero, shakers, totodzi, udu
7 Gentle Rain (3:18)
vibes, vocals, bass, bass marimba, rain stick, shakers, frame drum, clave, temple blocks
8 Peace (2:26)
vibes, bass marimba, glass chimes, cymbals, gongs, bells, elephant bell, frame drum, bayan, shakers, temple block
9 How Insensitive (2:24)
vibes, vocals, bass, bass marimba, percussion
10 Wild Flower (2:44)
vibes, lunga talking drum, atoke bell, shakers, gong, clave, temple blocks, bell trees, cymbals
11 Corcovado (3:02)
vibes, vocals, bass, shakers, clave, riq, jingles, udu
12 Vibrance (2:54)
gender wayang, cajon, tabla, sogo, kidi, gongs, bells, shakers

THEME 2: Standard Jazz

13 Alice in Wonderland (2:20)
vibes, bass marimba
14 Here's That Rainy Day (306)
vibes, bass, cymbals, shakers
15 My Foolish Heart (2:12)
vibes, bass, cymbals
16 Very Early (2:44)
vibes, bass, drum set
17 Everything I Have is Yours (4:00)
vibes, bass, percussion
18 I Loves You Porgy (2:58)
vibes, bass marimba, glockenspiel, glass chimes, percussion
19 Some Other Time (3:20)
vibes, vocals, bass marimba, glockenspiel, glass chimes, bells, percussion
20 Waltzin' (4:02)
vibes, bass, drum set
21 For Heaven's Sake (4:01)
22 Goodbye Pork Pie Hat (Charles Mingus) (3:07)
vibes, bass marimba, percussion
23 In a Sentimental Mood (2:38)
vibes, bass, cymbals, shakers
24 Prelude to a Kiss (3:39)
vibes, bass
25 My Funny Valentine (2:45)
vibes, vocals, bass, glockenspiel, cymbals, shakers, bells
26 Yesterdays (2:01)


Leake teaches percussion with an insatiable desire to span the world, writes books about it, and produces CDs that could function as textbooks. Although vibraphone is front and center here, his credits include a couple dozen other percussion objects from Africa, Asia, and Latin America. The only other players are Jonathan Dimond on electric bass and Lisa Leake on vocals. Lots of everything here and Leake has an interesting approach to vibes.
Tom Hull on the Web (2/18/08)

This CD covers a multitude of moods and emotions. It's fascinating that one musician is responsible for so much of the music on the disc. The range of instruments generates a lot of color, it doesn't make any difference if it's Part I or Part II. Part II swings a little more, but otherwise this is a lot of music with a lot of taste. Thanks for all your support. We look forward to your next release.
Bob Snyder, Jazz Programmer
WRST FM, Oshkosh, WI (2/4/08)

Thank you for sending us your recent Jerry Leake CD, "Vibrance." It has started to get airplay here at WRUW-FM on world music and freeform shows. Thank you for whatever help you can give us in presenting new and interesting music to the greater Cleveland area.
Wade Tolleson
Assistant Music Director - WRUW-FM
Cleveland, OH 44106

Top 10 Jazz for the week of February 9, 2008
1. Jerry Leake, Vibrance: Jazz Vibes & World Percussion, S/R
2. Carmen Lundy, Come Home, Afrasia
3. Billie Holiday, Remixed & Reimagined, Legacy
4. Keefe Jackson's Project Project, Just Like This, Delmark
5. Miles Davis, The Complete On The Corner Sessions, Legacy
6. Grazyna Auguscik, Live Sounds Live, GMA
7. Jason Kao Hwang, Stories Before Within, Innova
8. Jason Lindner, Live at the Jazz Gallery, Anzic
9. Out to Lunch, Excuse Me While I Do The Boogaloo, Accurate
10. Kenia, Simply Kenia, Mooka
Mike "Buzz" Bereiter
WMSE Radio

Just wanted to let you know that your album has been quite a hit here!
Emma Smith, World/Jazz Music Director
KLC Radio - Lewis and Clark College
Portland, Oregon 97219

Thanks so much for sharing Vibrance with us. We enjoyed it. I'll definitely be spinning a few for you on my live program in the NY Metro in the near future.
Lise Avery
Executive Producer
Anything Goes!! with Lise Avery
Internationally Syndicated Radio

Member of the New England Conservatory and graduate of the Berklee School of Music makes smooth jazz with innumerable percussion instruments.
Clara, Program Director
WLUR 91.5 FM